Smart Home Devices That Can Help You Save Money

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Smart Home Devices Can Save You Money

Homes are getting smarter these days – and saving homeowners lots of money in the process. But with all the smart devices available for your home, which ones make the biggest impact on your budget? Read on to find out! Smart Bulbs Switching to LED bulbs is already a great way to save money on […]

Contractor Appreciation: Dishwasher Repair

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Contractor Appreciation, Dishwasher Repair

Today APHW is sending a big THANK YOU to the skilled experts that help us fix, maintain, and replace our dishwashers! Without you, we’d all be washing dishes by hand! Call 888.351.3681 or visit APHW.COM today to get a home warranty on your home today. Visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to tell […]

APHW Recognized for eXtend a Hand Donation

APHW Recognized for eXtend a Hand Donation

Shortly after Hurricane Laura caused extensive devastation in the southern states, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) Area Sales Manager Suzann Blades asked company leadership to help eXp agents in Southwest Louisiana recovering in the aftermath, particularly in Lake Charles, where eXp’s main office is located. APHW stepped up and provided a $5,000 donation to eXtend […]

Lovin’ Your Oven: 5 Oven Maintenance Tips and a Bonus Cookie Recipe

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Oven Maintenance, Cookie Recipe

The first day of October kicks off two lesser-known holidays that every oven-owning homeowner should celebrate! Not only is October 1st National Homemade Cookie Day, it’s also the start of National Pizza Month, making it one of the most important days in food-related holiday history – next to Thanksgiving, of course. To honor these events, […]

National Tune-Up Day: Home System & Appliance Maintenance Essentials

National Tune Up Day, America's Preferred Home Warranty Home Maintenance Tips

You don’t need to be mechanic or home repair expert to maximize the life of home systems and appliances. All it takes is some simple, scheduled maintenance to keep everything running smoothly for longer. In honor of National Tune-Up Day, explore these helpful tips from APHW on maintaining essential home systems and appliances. Unclog Plumbing […]

APHW Assists KW Cares with Hurricane Relief

America's Preferred Home Warranty Helps with Hurricane Laura Relief

All too often a storm goes by and the people it affects are left to recuperate losses on their own. Suzann Blades couldn’t just ignore the people of Lake Charles, Louisiana, after Hurricane Laura caused millions of dollars in damages to the city—especially after she heard that Keller Williams’ KW Cares Charity volunteer groups would […]

10 DIY Home Organization Tips to Make Your House Feel Like Home

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Home Organization Tips

Whether you’re moving into a new place or you’ve owned your home for a long time, you know the joys of being a homeowner. But when clutter takes over your living space, you end up enjoying it just a little less. If you’re ready for some fun and inexpensive ways to organize your space and […]

OH NO! It’s Time to File a Claim! — But It’s Not What You Think

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Home Warranty Claims, Easy Claims

Ever dread calling in to file a claim? It’s just that feeling that comes with filing a claim with any company: You assume it’s going to be a frustrating process. Here’s why you can take that dread and throw it right out the window for claims with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Easier Than You […]

Meet the Best Home Warranty Sales Rep in Hawaii!

America's Preferred Home Warranty Hawaii Sales Rep

Okay, if we’re being honest, she’s the ONLY home warranty sales rep currently in Hawaii. But she’s lived on the islands for over 30 years, and no one knows the ins and outs of Hawaii real estate like Melinda Momoki—let alone how much America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) can help build your business. Experience Melinda […]

Sparks of Hope: A Child and Family Charities Tribute

America's Preferred Home Warranty Partners with Child and Family Charities to Ignite Sparks of Hope

In this difficult time where people are hurting, those in need are hurting the most. America’s Preferred Home Warranty recently made another donation to Child and Family Charities, because we can help–and you can ignite sparks of hope, too. Click here to donate or learn more about volunteer opportunities with Child and Family Charities of […]