APHW Raises $48.3K for Relay for Life

America's Preferred Home Warranty Relay for Life 2020

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) closed out the 2019/2020 Relay for Life fundraising year this week with a total of $48,379.19 raised, placing first out of 53 Jackson County, Michigan teams. And APHW’s fundraising team captain started out the year nervous to take on the challenge. Commitment “Our company takes Relay for Life fundraising seriously,” […]

TERMINATED: Keeping Termites at Bay

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Termites, Termite Control

Did you know that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) now offers optional coverage for Termite Control? Of course we hope you never need it, but we also did some research to help keep the little buggers away from your home. And let me tell you: Nothing quite gets your skin crawling like reading about termites. […]

That’s Why We Relay (for Life)

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Relay for Life, Why Do We Relay

Why do we Relay at APHW? To have fun! For our survivors! For Art! For our fighters! For our teams! For music! For our Angels… and most importantly: We RELAY for the CURE! Make a difference with Relay for Life: Click here to donate today!

APHW Featured in USA Today Special Edition: America Responds

America's Preferred Home Warranty, USA Today, Charity

APHW is honored to be featured in USA Today for our commitment to giving back to those in need, especially during these uncertain times. To learn about our mission to help local charities and communities, check out page 57 of the USA Today article here. For more info or to get involved, visit APHW.com/charity—Together we […]

Love That Perfect Yard? Maintain Your Sprinkler System

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Sprinkler System Maintenance

My husband takes enormous pride in his yard. The hedges must align, the grass must be cut in perfect rows, and above all, each blade must be a lush, dark green. So you can imagine how he’s less than enthused when summer comes along and cooks it down to a crispy brown. He does his […]

What Does an APHW CSR Do? We Care

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Customer Service, APHW Customer Service Cares

Anyone can take a phone call and enter data into a computer. But America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customer service representatives (CSRs) are different, according to APHW CSR Supervisor Patty. “We aim to be heroes for our homeowners and REALTORS®,” she said. “We care — and that’s what we’re best at.” From the Root It […]

College Grad Finds His Way at APHW

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Sales, College Grad In Sales

Fresh out of college and looking for a career, Colton Williamson found good footing in sales with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) last August. Now he’s closing in on his first full year, and he’s certain it was the right decision. “When I got to Georgia Tech, I originally wanted a degree in business with […]

Happy Independence Day from APHW!

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Happy Independence Day from APHW!

This country is great because of the plethora of differences you can celebrate from one state to the next, or even one home to the next. Where country music and hip-hop merge into whole new styles, and art speaks volumes without a word. Where cobblestone roads and 6-lane highways both lead to incredible destinations. Where […]

Breaking Barriers & Taking Names

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Breaking Barriers & Taking Names

  What a whirlwind! Michele Loker started at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in August 2019, both as a brand-new Area Sales Manager and in a brand-new APHW territory. After rocking that for about 6 months, APHW promoted her to a Senior Virtual Sales Manager training position. Suffice it to say, she’s had quite a […]

Start a Claim Online Is Here!

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Start a Claim Online

HEY! Did you know you can now Start A Claim Online with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)? You did? Okay, alright… it’s been here for a minute, true. BUT! Did you know about… All the benefits that come with it: NO LINES: We know you love our award-winning customer service, but sometimes you just don’t […]