America's Preferred Home Warranty, REALTOR Literally Proud to Work With APHW

Agent Literally “Proud” to Work with APHW

Having pride in your own work is one thing. Having someone proud to work with you—now that’s a compliment! And Ohio REALTOR® Maureen Davis laid out that pride in a public Facebook review for her America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) Area Sales Manager, Jina Legeza. So Pleased That She Posted “I have to publicly say […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Customer Review States Easier Than Expected

One Welcome Surprise!

Surprise! Okay, you’re right, we aren’t really big fans of surprises either—unless of course they’re pleasant ones, like this 5-star review of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) by Arizona homeowner Brian P. “My first claim with APHW went extremely smoothly…even the contractor said he had never had it go that well. APHW was quick […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Home Warranties, Home Warranty Renewals

When a Renewal Saves Your Bacon

“I just renewed my home warranty because I loved it so much last year.” This Google review caught our attention for obvious reasons, but we get that some might question if it’s real. So, we contacted the reviewer! And Michigan homeowner Megan Hunter was all too happy to share more about her experiences with America’s […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, APHW, Home Warranty, Customer Reviews

First-Timer Wishes More Companies Cared Like APHW

No one ‘likes’ calling to file a claim. You just expect it to be a tedious experience. But what if it were easy? What if the customer service reps obviously cared about your experience, answered all your questions, and made it a pleasant experience? Believe it or not, that’s what it’s like when you call […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, REALTOR Review, Customer Service

APHW is a Company She can Trust

Homeowners have about a million papers to sign at closing, and adding one more to the pile can feel daunting. That’s why it’s pretty awesome when your REALTOR® knows what to look for—and who to trust. Time Did Tell Keller Williams (KW) REALTOR® Kellie Spiece has a longstanding relationship with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Contractor Review, Contractor Referral

Georgia Contractor Referring Clients to APHW

It’s that time of year! Heat waves galore across the nation… but some states get hit harder than others. This Buford, Georgia contractor is probably pretty busy these days with A/C calls, and his review of our services to his customers speaks volumes.  “I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Over […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Positive Review

APHW’s Start a Claim Online ‘Convenient’ and ‘Easy’

Life is complicated. It always has been, but especially now you might feel like everything is falling down around your ears… except it isn’t. The world continues to spin, and people still have bills to pay, which means anything that makes life even a little bit easier is welcome. That’s why America’s Preferred Home Warranty […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Home Warranty Reviews, Agent Reviews

Building Relationships: An APHW Cornerstone

Ah, the elusive Referral: Difficult to get, even harder to hold on to. It’s a necessity in nearly every professional field, and America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is no exception. That’s why APHW Area Sales Managers (ASMs) make building relationships a cornerstone of their business. “I love Suzann Blades,” said REALTOR® Rachel Jordan of the […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Start a Claim Online Surprisingly Easy

Start a Claim Online – “Surprisingly Easy!”

New homeowner Emily Geers’ air conditioner stopped working one night. It was a relatively cool evening, so she and her husband let it go—until it still wasn’t working the next morning. With Georgia heat coming in, they needed a fix, and fast. Thank goodness for Start a Claim Online! Start a Claim Online “I logged […]

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America's Preferred Home Warranty, Contractor Says APHW a Pleasure to Work With

HVAC Contractor States Working With APHW a Pleasure!

WE’RE ON A MISSION! We want the home warranty business to be one that people can trust, and this begins with reviewers like this HVAC contractor out of Georgia, who left America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) this incredible 5-Star Yelp Review: “I am a contractor and have been in contact with many home warranty companies […]

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