5-Stars_2 “Not sure going into it if it was going to be worth it but it was! I thought the reps were awesome, they answered all my questions knowledgeably.” – Pamela White, NC

5-Stars_2 “You never know what you might get in a home warranty and after placing my first (hopefully only!) claim for my new home, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and ease processing my claim; I’ve always reached an agent within 5 minutes or less when calling. And on a $3300 quote I received $1000 towards repairs in a follow up call with the technician (took less than ten minutes) – overall – I’m pleased.” – Kerry McCray, OH

5-Stars_2 “Not expecting much, I called the company to submit a claim. I was pleasantly surprised by the helpful representative and I felt valued as a customer. A month or so later, I had to submit another claim and again, I spoke to a very pleasant representative and my problem was immediately taken care of. Our current home has been the first time we have ever used a Home Warranty company and I would highly recommend this company” – Linda VanHowe, MI

4-Stars “At first we were not pleased because we were told the water heater was not covered, but after asking to have the supervisor call us, we were told she listened to the message from the installer and decided our case should be covered. That is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. Other than that we are very satisfied with the service. Our check was sent as promised. .” – David and Victoria Sobieski, MI

5-Stars_2 “So far I have been very satisfied when I have called with problems with my Air Conditioner. I have also told my neighbors, and one took a contract with America’s Preferred Home Warranty because of their response and how I was treated. They liked that I could choose the company of my choice to fix the problem.” – Nancy O’Connor, SC

5-Stars_2 “The process is so simple. The benefits are great. It’s definitely worth the money. It literally pays for it self even if you use it just once.” – Shannon Ranta, OH

5-Stars_2 “I think that you all are so so awesome. I called you on a weekend and you answered right away explained how everything works and then called me on a Sunday (who does that anymore) and confirmed everything was approved and I got my service done the next day and got my family and pets back in cooled home. Thank You ! Awesome! Happy!” – Stephanie Goodman, GA

5-Stars_2 “I was greeted on the phone with respect. Answered my questions, which were few. Went smoothly. When I called back with the plumber everything went quickly and smoothly. Very nice to work with such good people. Thank you” – Susan Long, OH

5-Stars_2 “I was able to get my air conditioning system repaired same day.” – Benjamin Robinson, GA

5-Stars_2 “I’ve always been weary of Home Warranty companies. This one, however, I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I hear horror stories from friends and family that have had to deal with them. I have had 2 claims in 6 months and both were super easy and simple as long as you call them as requested. They covered everything needed and then some above and beyond stuff minus the deductible. No issues, no concerns. I would choose no other warranty company.” – Thomas Carter, IN

5-Stars_2 “Personable and clear support from the phone contact. Representatives took the ball and work with my contractor. Rapid response and excellent support, I would recommend AW to anyone.” – Patrick Nycum, TN

5-Stars_2 “Awesome Experience;a customer service focused company.” – Wanda Johnson, TN

5-Stars_2 “I was impressed I was able to talk to a live person that spoke good English and explained the claim process in a clear and precise manner. After the contractor called the claim in the response time was acceptable (less than 20 minutes)” – Bob Cunningham, MI

5-Stars_2 “APHW has been a great warranty plan for us. The process of opening a claim is simple and the reps are helpful and prompt. Glad we chose this home warranty plan. ” – Mike Fulkerson, IN

5-Stars_2 “Being a new homeowner can be scary, especially when purchasing an older home. To help ease my concerns, I purchased a home warranty through America’s Preferred Home Warranty. I went through all the competitors information and felt APHW was the best company for me. Unfortunately, I did have an issue with my AC unit, but APHW was right there for me. They allowed me to select my HVAC company, it was easy to open and submit the claim. Thank you APHW for the peace of mind you bring to owning a new (older) home.” – Beverly House, NC

5-Stars_2 “We recently moved into a new “older” home. We had sewer and water drainage problems from the first night. We called and were met with very kind and understanding representatives. We had our problem taken care of and received our reimbursement check within a few days. We are very grateful for this service.” – Linda Duckett, NC

5-Stars_2 “Great customer service. very fast payment. no hassles” – Dave Martin, MI

5-Stars_2 “Absolutely a pleasure to work with this company. Their customer service is ALWAYS a real person, and the wait is never long. They provide a clear explanation of services and they process claims very quickly.” – Jeff Kenzie, MI

5-Stars_2 “Our central air stopped working on the hottest day of the summer. We called America’s Preferred Home Warranty and it was fixed the next day. We payed the $50 deductible and the next week our refund check came in the mail. Good and quick service. thanks” – William McGhee, OH

5-Stars_2 “Our garage door opener went on the blink. I called Americas Preferred, spoke with courteous employees, got the information I needed. The contractor came out and didn’t try to scam us. He told us what we needed and he fixed it and we were good to go.” – Sonya Clark, SC

5-Stars_2 “I was warned by the HVAC company that my home warranty would not answer the call timely and would never pay. I am pleased to say that you proved them wrong. The calls were taken within two minutes or less and always professional. My service was approved and a check on the way with my choice of contractor, once the work was completed. I am amazed and so very pleased.” – Debbie Clary, NC

5-Stars_2 “My wife and I have had agreements with 3 different home warranty companies over the years. The first two left a lot to be desired. They would refuse service stating the equipment was not covered, etc. even when the agreement clearly stated that such items would be covered. Another issue was having to use their choice of repair company. With America’s Preferred you can choose your repair company. They are a customer focused and responsive company that I would recommend.” – David Love, NC

5-Stars_2 “This company actually answers the phone! Although I have not had to file a claim, I called them on a weekend with a couple questions and actually spoke to a rep who was knowledgeable and friendly. The fact I can use my own contractor (who I have used for years and I TRUST) is very nice.” – Jen Alpharetta – GA

5-Stars_2 “Our home warranty was included by the seller with the house we bought back in March. We have had to report a few issues with our furnace/air conditioning unit, and the people we have spoke to have been very helpful with explaining what is and is not covered, and explaining the steps involved with filing a claim and getting reimbursed. Overall, we would consider renewing with them for another year.” – Emily Maksimovic, OH

5-Stars_2 “I changed from another home warranty company to America’s Preferred Home Warranty. The experience was night and day different. I was able to choose my own contractor who is a friend of mine, and they paid him right on the spot with a credit card. This is a quality company !!” – Rick Gounaris, NC

5-Stars_2 “Heat pump issue, got to call my own contractor who was referred by my Agent. I scheduled it myself and they came out and replaced the blower motor. It was fast and convenient. Great experience.” – Molly Cary, OH

5-Stars_2 “I asked lots of questions (maybe too many- but it is my money – I’m spending) before joining APHW.

3 months later I needed a repair (after my wife reminded me of the policy) – they explained my coverage and what they could do for me. I got to pick my own repairman (I like that) – I won’t waste another half day waiting for a “contracted repair person” to show up and then tell me more stuff is wrong – that I have to cover (been there done that- won’t go back)!!!!!!!!!!

I do tell my neighbors about APHW.

My APHW experience was very positive and QUICK.” – NG Stewart, GA

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5-Stars_2 “I always suggest an America’s Preferred Home Warranty to go along with all my listings. They do a great job!” – Pam Cowper, OH

5-Stars_2 “Great customer service and timely responses!! You can use any contractor you want and the prices are so reasonable!” – Barry Page, SC

5-Stars_2 “This is the ONLY home warranty I would ever recommend since it offers the ability to hire your own contractors! No more waiting around for the warranty company to “find” parts or “contractors”. What an amazing experience!” – Steven Betolatti, GA

5-Stars_2 “We send all of our customers to America’s Preferred Home Warranty because they can choose their own repair companies without having to wait forever on someone to come from the standard warranty companies. This creates great local business referrals. Our customers enjoy the immediate professional service they get and that someone is always there to take their call and help them without being put on hold or transferred throughout the company like other warranty companies. Claims are handled promptly and professionally….and no wait time…We love them!!!” – Algin Realty, GA

5-Stars_2 “So grateful that the company offers 24 hour phone access and a live person to talk with. When there is a coverage question there is a live person to talk with. Questionable claims are addressed promptly and amicably resolved. It is reassuring that the selection of the repair contractor is up to the homeowner and not dictated by the warranty company” – Steve Yingling, OH

5-Stars_2 “As a Real Estate agent it is important to have a Home Warranty that I have confidence in to recommend to sellers and buyers . APHW has been the only Home Warranty company that has consistently superior customer service with my clients. The contract ordering process for my sellers and buyers is easy.” – Andrea Wilhelm, NC

5-Stars_2 “APHW makes ordering warranties for clients super easy through their online system. Clients love that they can choose their own contractors and are always provided great service. Keep up the good work!” – Jenny Rhodus, NC

5-Stars_2 “I love APHW because it’s so easy to go on line and sign a client up. I’ve always received great customer service and quick responses. This HW is great because it lets you choose your own repairman/contractor instead of who the company chooses. Thanks!” – Katherine Williams, SC

5-Stars_2 “I am a Realtor™ with Coldwell Banker. I sell a home warranty with almost everyone of my client’s purchases. Recently I bought a home warranty for my home and was delighted with the ease of filing a claim and the quick turnaround from your customer service and billing department. I am a huge advocate of the service and because I can choose my own contractors makes all the difference in the world. Thanks again!” – Linda Holland, NC

5-Stars_2 “I always tell my clients about how the warranty is the best one around simply because you can use a local repair person you can count on. You don’t have to wait for the warranty company to send someone you won’t have any connection with. They stepped up to the plate when one of my clients had a very old a/c unit and they were willing to pay the entire amount to have it replaced.” – Donna Urbas, OH

5-Stars_2 “My clients request a home warranty from a seller when purchasing a home and my seller’s offer one when listing. APHW is the best warranty company out there. They let buyers pick their own company to call for repairs. If a client has a claim, the process is easy. If they have a problem or issue I have called Matt McQuerry our sales manager and he has been able to resolve the issue quickly.” – Natalie Antosh, OH

5-Stars_2 “I have been using America Preferred now for at least 7 years. I have not one complaint. I used them both for my sellers and buyers when I was actively in the market. Now as a Broker/Owner I encourage our Associate Brokers to use them as well. Due to picking your own licensed contractors and quick and easy claim service, I prefer them over any company I used previously. We love our sales Representative from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Andrew Moening. He is all about customer service and answers his phone every time we call! He even drives 3 hours to Fort Wayne to educate our agents and provide them with resources to help them with their presentations. Top Notch” – Melissa Schlueter, IN

5-Stars_2 “I am a Real Estate agent in Greenwood Indiana and use America’ Preferred home warranty on almost every deal I write up for my clients. I also have used them on my on personal homes. They are great to work with and with the ability to choose our own contractors, I don’t have to pay a premium price on repairs! Great company and I would recommend them to anyone!” – Annette McDonald, IN

5-Stars_2 “I am a Realtor™ and had the buyer for a property. We asked for a home warranty with America’s Preferred and seller agreed to pay. The title company wrote the check for payment at closing and I personally mailed it off. About 6 months after closing, my buyer’s had an issue, called and APHW said they had not received the check after closing. We contacted the title company and it had not been cashed. They issued a new check, APHW went ahead and let the issue be fixed knowing that another check was issued. I was so impressed with this. All taken care of in less than 24 hours! This is my go to home warranty plan!” – Annette McDonald, IN

5-Stars_2 “As a real estate agent I surround myself with people and companies that I know I can depend on…Americas Preferred Warranty is one of my preferred vendors. Having them in my back pocket helps me to give great service to my clients …and my clients are what its all about!” – Jennifer Schutters, KY

5-Stars_2 “The new Real-Pro portal is easy to access and to process the warranties.” – Kathy Thacker, OH

5-Stars_2 “America’s Preferred website is Amazing! It is so easy to use and it takes only a few minutes from start to finish! It also allows you to see what has been paid, the client, if data collection sheets has been done, etc. The best part is that it can be emailed to anyone with just a click. It’s great!” – Lorie Burgett, IN

5-Stars_2 “We are full-time agents at Keller Williams Lakeside and have had excellent service from Jeff Becker and America’s Preferred Home Warranty since 2008. My teammates and I believe that adding a home warranty to a home helps it to sell faster. Our sellers enjoy the benefit of both providing a safety net to their buyers AND enjoying the reduced risk of liability when they sell their home. Jeff and his support team have gone out of their way to help our clients when they need assistance with the warranty program.” – Joyce McBride, MI

5-Stars_2 “We will continue to recommend our home sellers attach a home warranty to every home we list. Thank you very much for providing such reliable service to your Realtor partners!

“I have always turned in the APHW home warranty the “old fashioned” way. I would call in and get a number then email the application and data form. Using the new online system is so easy and user friendly, and it only takes minutes to complete. I am very pleased and definitely will be using the online process.”  Carla Helfrich, OH

5-Stars_2 “My trainer Donna with APHW was super patient with me in finding a time in my schedule to accommodate the new portal training for entering home warranties and data collection sheets. The NEW portal is very easy to use and will cut my data entry time to just minutes. I’ve added the APHW warranty portal step to my “buyers checklist” and am really excited that I can upload the inspection report directly to the portal so that it will be there when needed. love efficiency!” – Jennifer Schutters, KY & Julie Blethen, SC

5-Stars_2 “America’s Preferred Home Warranty has a great new real estate agent portal. Very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The new features that have been added make it very easy to keep track of the contracts that have been entered by each office. So far I am very pleased with the new format. Having Donna walk us through it all was very helpful. Good Job!!!” – Denise Deckard, OH

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