You’ve Got Options: APHW Payment Possibilities

America's Preferred Home Warranty Payment Options, Home Warranty, Payment OptionsSo you have an approved home warranty claim. Now what? Here’s how an approved claim payment works with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

First Things First

As you know, you can choose ANY licensed contractor for claims with APHW. This gives you control over who you have in your home, where they come from, and when they get there. It means the contractor works for you, not us, so you get a true third-party opinion. And then they need to get paid for their work.

That’s where APHW comes in, right? The answer is yes, with a caveat: Because your contractor doesn’t work for us, they are not obligated to accept payment from us. This is why we offer options for payment (once you receive telephone approval).

Payment Options

  1. Our first option is for us to pay the contractor with a credit card. They get right to work following approval, you verify the completed work with us, and we pay the contractor right over the phone—fast and easy with zero wait time. So why doesn’t every contractor take this option? Because not all contractors can accept credit cards. In some cases, provider charges also make it less appealing.
  2. Our second option is to pay the contractor by check in the mail. We offer near-immediate processing, so the check often arrives in just a few business days.
  3. Our third option is for you to pay your contractor up front (or purchase a replacement and have it professionally installed), email us the “paid in full” invoice, and be reimbursed your approved claim amount by check in the mail.

Our end goal is to ensure that payment gets where it needs to as quickly as possible, whether that’s to you or your contractor. We’re actively working to develop other payment methods as well, to hopefully move things even faster in the future. Your business is everything to us, so you can count on us to continue innovating and improving your experience every day.

Call 800.648.5006 or visit APHW.COM for more information.

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