Where Language Isn’t a Barrier, But a Doorway

Speaking Spanish Boosts Bilingual Employee at APHWMany bilingual employees face a frustrating career obstacle: They can’t advance because management ‘needs’ them where they’re at. Matias wanted better opportunities than his former employer was offering, so he gave America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) a try.

“My biggest fear was that I would get stuck again, because I spoke another language,” Matias said. “That fear has been completely removed; I actually feel like it’s helping my chances of promotion.”

Opportunity Precedence

Another bilingual employee helped Matias to see future opportunities as well. “Antonio spoke Spanish and made it up to supervisor, and now he’s the call center manager for our new customer service center,” he explained. “He actually came up to me one day and said, ‘Hey I heard you speak Spanish,’ and played some recordings for me to translate. This is the first job that actually cared that I was bilingual.”

Growth Is Encouraged

APHW leadership have shown Matias they care about his growth in the company as well. “My opinion matters here,” he said. “It’s like, ‘You speak Spanish, let me get your opinion on this,’ or ‘Can you read this and tell me if it’s okay?’ I’ve had a hand in every department at one time or another—they care what I think, and there are regular opportunities for advancement.”

The Work Environment

APHW is currently seeking Spanish-speaking bilingual employees, and Matias strongly encourages people with this skill to apply. “They actually have real training, plus coaching every week so you know what’s expected of you. The people I work with are amazing, and the management are incredibly understanding; like when my wife needed me home after delivering our son—they didn’t hesitate to let me to be there for her,” he said. “Plus knowing another language here can actually help get you in the door, and it doesn’t stop you from growing!”

Matias wants applicants to know that speaking a second language will only help them at APHW. “I am actually really happy with what I’m doing,” he said, noting his one-year anniversary this past August. “It doesn’t feel like a year, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve belonged here my whole life.”

For more information about job opportunities at APHW, contact HR Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at 800.648.5006 or stownrich@aphw.com.

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