When a Whirl is Worth It

“I thought I would give it a whirl.” That was how Karen viewed the customer service position at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) when they hired her nearly five years ago. It was understandable, given that she had just left a similar position in a toxic environment. “I was just looking for a way out of that other company,” she said. Time has certainly changed Karen’s point of view, though: APHW just recognized her as their March Employee of the Month.

“It has been a whole different experience from where I came from,” Karen said. “That was something I noticed right away—It was like a family, and I just felt like I was home.”

Karen was nominated for generating her own success through her focus, hard work, and willingness to improve. She has changed positions twice over the years; from customer service to a supervisor position, and then she transferred to Direct to Consumer Sales. “I have tons of support from my coworkers and supervisors, and I often feel like I’m running my own business,” she laughed.

That managerial support is what has really allowed Karen to excel. “I feel like they believe in me,” she said. “They let me prove myself, and I feel very blessed to have had these opportunities.”

Karen plans to stay with APHW until she retires in about five years, and she absolutely recommends that others apply and ‘give it a whirl’ too. “It’s a wonderful family atmosphere, and management really cares about their people,” she said. “If you have that drive, they’re interested in seeing you move up in the company.”

Those interested in job opportunities should search for America’s Preferred Home Warranty on Indeed.com or contact Human Resource Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at stownrich@aphw.com or 1.800.648.5006 ext. 232.

“They took a chance on me, and I succeeded,” Karen said. Maybe it’s time to take a chance on APHW.