Transferred, Promoted, Awarded!

America's Preferred Home Warranty, APHW EmployeesKristyn saw a building being renovated for a new workspace down the road and thought: “I’d like to work there—nice and close.” She’d never considered that it might become a career.

First Steps Lead to Leaps

“I started in customer service to get my foot in the door,” Kristyn said, describing America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in Jackson, Michigan. “I actually loved it there, but when I saw an opening in their Accounting Department, I thought that would be more in my career direction.”

Only eight months in, Kristyn applied, interviewed, and got the job in Accounts Receivable, “and it feels like time has just flown!” she said.


“One of the best things about APHW is that they recognize hard work: I had a list of goals to achieve for promotion, and I just hit them one at a time,” Kristyn said. “I’ve been here two years as of November, and I was promoted to a Level 2 Accounts Receivable position fairly quickly.”

APHW leadership certainly did see and appreciate Kristyn’s work. They recognized her for it at their 2019 Christmas Party with the Rising Star Award. “I was not expecting that at all—it was a complete surprise!” Kristyn said. “But I’m really proud to have my work recognized. It has been really great working with Amanda, Taylor and Terri [Accounting leadership], who have helped me develop my natural strengths.”

Planning Ahead

Kristyn is now focusing on achieving Level 3. “I’d eventually like to get into a leadership position, and I think with the growth of the company that more opportunities will arise here,” she said. “For me, this has become not just my job, but my career.”

Job Opportunities Available

APHW is currently hiring for customer service representatives. For more information, visit or call HR Recruiter Sandy Saltz 800.648.5006 ext. 236.

“I recommend APHW completely,” Kristyn said. “I feel like my work is appreciated, and I can’t imagine myself in any other job. If you’re looking for great people to work with, consistency, and recognition of hard work, apply today!”