The Right People Are the Key to Growth

Brendan MorganWould you stick with one company for a decade or more? These days, it’s far more likely to last a year or two and then find something new. So why is Brendan Morgan closing in on ten years with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)? “We just have good people,” he says.

Brendan’s title at APHW recently changed from Vice President of Sales to Senior Vice President of Sales, and he attributes the bump up to his team. “I have a great group of leaders that I work with,” he said. “Between the Regional Sales Directors, Strategic Accounts, and the Director of Training, we can collaborate more, get better ideas, and implement things we never could before. We’ve got a really good team of individuals now who can help us move into the next phases of our company.”

Now that he’s able to focus on real estate sales across the country, Brendan realized how much operational procedure had been weighing on him. “Our growth has been crazy over the last three or four years,” he said, describing how APHW has added more layers to compensate for the increased workload. “I can be more strategic now that I have the Regional Managers and Field Trainers,” he said, referencing positions that were both created over the last two years.

While the leadership work more closely with him, Brendan appreciates everyone else in the company just as highly. “Whether it’s the folks in Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, etc., everyone that I work with collaborates well, respects each other and shares the same values,” Brendan said. “That’s the key right there—getting the right character of people on board. It just makes everything easier, and as we add people on, it gets bigger and keeps the momentum going.”

APHW has nearly doubled its staff in the last year, and they’re still actively seeking applicants for a number of sales territories across the country. When Brendan started ten years ago, he had no idea how far he could go—just imagine how far you could go with America’s Preferred Home Warranty.

“With all the new plans we’re working on, it’s always exciting,” Brendan said. “We’re constantly finding new ways to help our team grow, and the opportunities are huge!”

For more information about available sales positions, please search for America’s Preferred Home Warranty on, or contact Human Resources Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at 1.800.648.5006 ext. 232.