New CSR Amazed at Opportunities at APHW

When you’re unhappy in your work environment, the days drag on. Taking the chance on something new and unknown can be a risky move—and it’s one that Customer Service Representative (CSR) Patrick is happy he took with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)!

“From [APHW’s President] Randy Caltrider on down, I’ve just been really impressed with everyone across the board,” Patrick enthused. “The people are friendly, they’re nice, and they’re sincerely interested in your day.”

Now more than seven months into his career at APHW, it’s the little things make all the difference in his work satisfaction. “If you’ve got a problem, you ask for help, and you get it. If I need anything, office supplies… you name it. They’re committed to giving me what I need to do my job.”

APHW’s recent upgrade to their headquarters was another huge part of Patrick’s appreciation for the company. “The new facilities are exponentially better,” he said. “This just solidifies and reinforces APHW’s commitment to stay [in Jackson] for the long haul.”

And committed they are. Indeed, APHW is hosting a Job Fair this Thursday, March 1st at their new headquarters located at 5775 Ann Arbor Road in Jackson, MI, 49201, in order to grow their ranks of award-winning CSRs.

“We’ve grown significantly over the last few years, and anyone we add to the family can expect to see opportunities for advancement in the future,” said Susan Town-Richards, Human Resource Development Manager at APHW, adding that they like to promote from within.

Such promotional opportunities were a huge draw for Patrick as well. “I got hooked on the growth potential,” he said. With a 40% increase year over year, it’s easy to see why.

Qualified applicants can visit the Job Fair anytime between 9 a.m. and Noon, or between 1 and 4 p.m., and will be escorted to a check-in table. If the requirements are met, applicants can expect a one-on-one interview.

For inquiries about the Job Fair, please contact Susan at or 1-800-648-5006 ext. 232.

“I like working here,” Patrick said. “I’m happy I came.”