My First Job in America, And My Last

Norwegian Finds Lifetime Employment at APHWNorwegian-born Wenche (pronounced VEN-ka) joined her husband in the states in 2016. America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) took a chance and hired her two months later, and she has since achieved Customer Service Representative (CSR) of the Year and a promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. We’d say she was a chance worth taking!

“It was kind of scary to leave a good job and come here where I didn’t know very many people,” Wenche said. “Trying to find a new career at my age isn’t easy. I was really lucky to find APHW.”

Wenche went on to describe why she uses ‘lucky’ to describe the event, the least of which being that she’d had no American references when she applied.

“This is my first job in this country, and it’s a company that actually takes very good care of their employees and associates,” she said. “I’ve always felt so welcome here. You can basically just go up and talk to anyone.”

Wenche’s promotion this past February made her feel validated. “It felt like APHW acknowledged what I’m capable of, and their belief in my ability to lead other people,” she said. “Because that’s what I really want to do—help people get better at what they’re doing. It’s my passion, to see them excel and get better at overcoming obstacles, guiding them toward improvement and confidence. That makes me feel really good.”

Wenche believes that folks considering a job at APHW would love it too.

“APHW is my first job as a resident of the United States, and it’s probably going to be my last,” she said, indicating her plans to stay with (and eventually retire from) APHW. “I’m coming up on my three-year anniversary here, and I know there will be more opportunities in the future, too.”

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