Much More Than I Expected

APHW Accounting Employee Taylor Shares Her StoryWaiting for the other shoe to drop? Understandable… What we describe can’t be possible—nobody’s THAT happy at their job. Taylor certainly didn’t expect it.

Except we were.  And we really, truly are.

“America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) actually cares about you as an individual,” Taylor said.

Gaining Interest

Taylor attended the grand opening of APHW’s new building in Jackson and immediately felt the family vibe. “Everyone was so friendly,” she said, up to and including the company’s owner. “It honestly seemed like everyone loved being there.”

Caring Leadership

Once a spot opened up in Accounting, Taylor’s new boss started guiding her toward advancement right away. “They knew I was going to school for it,” she said.

“Amanda really pushed me. She showed me ways I could improve and gave me extra tasks to try. In one of our first conversations, Amanda told me how quickly she had moved up, and how hard work is recognized here. She said she’d push me as far as I could go.”

Achieving Goals

The company promoted Taylor to Accounts Receivable Supervisor shortly after she obtained her degree (less than a year after hiring in). “I felt really honored that they saw me as a candidate,” Taylor said. “And I was going to see how far I could push myself.”

APHW provided everything she needed to succeed. “If there was anything I didn’t understand, they were always there to answer my questions, provide coaching and constructive criticism. It was just open and constant communication,” Taylor said. “When you can communicate with the executives as easily as your coworkers, that’s something I really value. It’s very rare, I think—the fact that they know your name is a big deal to me.”

Rare indeed.

“Once you get in, it’s so much more than what you expect,” Taylor said. “I’ve worked for several companies and I’ve never felt so comfortable, so accepted… You just feel at home.”

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