More Than a Job—It’s a Passion

America's Preferred Home Warranty Customer Service TrainerStarting a new job is already difficult. Starting one in a ‘call center’ can be downright scary—which is why Patty has such a passion for training America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customer service representatives (CSRs).

“I know what it feels like to try to learn this and struggle with it,” said the APHW Adjunct Trainer and Call Center Supervisor. “I had people help me, so I can be here to help others; and I want to make sure everybody gets the help that they need.”

A Change of Pace

Patty’s previous 10 years’ experience in ‘call center’ work gave her special appreciation for APHW’s family atmosphere. “I’ve been at APHW now for only three years, and I’ve never been more excited about coming to work,” Patty said. “The other job… I dreaded it. Now I’m happy to drive 45 minutes one-way to get here, because they care—they actually care about their employees.”

APHW’s reasons for choosing Patty as their September Employee of the Month served to back that up. “It wasn’t about getting to work on time or just doing my job. They recognized that I’m enthusiastic, that I’m excited about what I do as a trainer—they actually understood ME, which is huge!” she said. “I mean, who does that?”

A Passion for Training

And she really is excited for every new class that comes in. “I make sure they know in the beginning that my goal is to make sure they succeed. It’s a big responsibility, but I take it,” Patty said. “And I can’t even describe how good it feels, when I see that person who has been struggling, suddenly on the phone and taking calls. I mean… anybody can teach something. To me, it comes from my soul. I can’t explain it any more than that.”

Lastly? Her work gets results:

  • “I really enjoy working at APHW because the of the successful atmosphere provided. Patty is the most intelligent and caring manager I have ever had.” -Ly Yang, CSR
  • “This is such a great place to work, Trainer Patty is super nice and will really make sure you know your stuff by the time training is over.” -Emily Confer, CSR

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