‘Leap of Faith’ Lands August Employee of the Month

America's Preferred Home Warranty Employee TestimonialIt’s a rare thing to have a life-changing opportunity fall into your lap. Rarer still is one you’re willing to wait for, which is exactly why Amy Boatright took a leap of faith — for more than a year.

“I wasn’t really looking for a new job,” Amy said. “I was driving home from work one day and saw they were having a job fair at the new America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) building, so I just randomly decided to stop in. That’s where I met Susan,” she said, describing APHW’s HR Development Manager.

The Wait Begins

There wasn’t a position available for Amy at the time, but that random leap of faith would eventually pay off. “I knew as soon as I walked into the building that I needed to be here,” Amy said. She stayed in contact with Susan for over a year until her opportunity finally arrived, and now she’s coming up on her first anniversary as an APHW HR Recruiter—perfect timing to be selected as their 2020 August Employee of the Month.

“I honestly feel honored to work for a company that fully embraces their employees, and recognizes their dedication and hard work,” Amy said. “I definitely took a leap of faith to come here, and the fact is that I have enjoyed every day since. Every day is different! I love collaborating with everyone, contributing, and overall being part of this growing company.”

The People

On top of the true family environment and work culture, Amy really appreciates how the members of leadership interact with everyone. “I love that our leaders are available and just really down to earth,” she said. “We’re able to have fun, and that’s a huge factor—our people are happy to come to work!”

In the end, though, Amy is just thrilled to be making a difference in peoples’ lives every day. “I really take pride in that,” she said. “I just love my job as an APHW recruiter, and I think that helps bring people in, because if I’m excited as a recruiter, it gets them excited about what this company is all about. Then they get here and realize the truth: That it’s the real deal.”

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