It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

Twelve and a half years in a toxic work environment was enough. Kathy needed a new start, but her options were limited. “It’s hard to start a new job when you’re older,” Kathy said. But a change needed to happen, so when the opportunity to work in customer service for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) came around, she took it.

“I knew Rusty [the Call Center Operations Manager]. I interviewed with him, and he hired me,” she said. The timing could have been better—Kathy started right in the middle of the busy season—but the support system was second-to-none. “There was always help, and the atmosphere here was so different, there’s really no comparison,” she said. “Everybody here is so friendly, no matter who you’re talking to.”

Even upper management is different. “At the old place it was like they were above you,” Kathy said. “You never have that experience here. They all know your name and come and talk to you like you’re no different.” Because of this, Kathy knew she would be afforded an equal opportunity for promotion. “Hard work pays off here, and you get the chances to move up just like everybody else,” she said.

Kathy took advantage of one such opportunity to apply for a position with Customer Care, a smaller department of only five people. “I checked around a little bit and inquired about it,” she said. Then she interviewed and achieved the promotion—and loves every second of it. “I love the people I work with, and even though we’re five different people, we get along so well!” she enthused.

That continued enthusiasm earned Kathy recognition as the May 2019 APHW Employee of the Month, and she hopes to continue for years to come. “I’m hoping to retire from here,” she said.

For information about job opportunities, search America’s Preferred Home Warranty on or call Human Resource Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at 1.800.648.5006 ext. 232.

“It just goes to show that it’s never too late to start over, even if you’re a little more mature,” Kathy said. “If I can do this job, anybody can!”