For the Love of ‘Coordinating’ APHW

Home Warranty, Home Warranties, APHW, Employee TestimonialAs the (literal) second ever employee of the month at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in February 2018, Heidi was blown away to learn they had selected her for the honor again in January 2020!

“Everybody loves the person bringing the food,” Heidi joked, but added that she’s extremely grateful—not only for the recognition, but for the environment that gives her the opportunity to excel.

Heidi serves as the Marketing Systems Coordinator at #APHW, and she rocks it. First, she organizes several large events for the company itself throughout the year, including week-long Customer Service and Sales training events. Most events require catering and travel arrangements for people from all over the country, including plane tickets, hotels, and itineraries. And that’s not including extra events, like the grand opening of the DeWitt Customer Service Center last summer.

“The search for venues that fit all of our needs starts close to a year prior to each event,” Heidi said. “And once we have some options selected, there are tours, taste testing, sound and visual requirements for presentations, and an approval and follow-up process.”

As if that’s not enough, Heidi also leads organization efforts for APHW’s sales team to attend expos and conventions throughout the year, all across America. “I think in two months’ time last year we attended more than 40 trade shows,” she said. “That’s double the amount of shows compared to even a year or two ago, and we’re continuing to add more, and larger ones too.”

The job certainly keeps her on her toes, but Heidi prefers it that way. “When it’s done and it goes well, I’m ecstatic,” she said. “And it’s a good feeling to be recognized for that. It renews me, and it makes the work worth it.”

Heidi appreciates the Marketing Director’s contributions to her career as well. “He gave me my first opportunities,” she said. “He also created a new job title to better fit what my job entails, and I definitely see more opportunities to come.”