Don’t Miss Out Because of Fear

Shows Customer Service Representative Jolynn, APHW's October Employee of the MonthCall center jobs are intimidating. It’s easy to focus on one or two scary aspects and believe it’s something you could never do; but you’d be denying yourself the sincere joy that can come with it.

Nervous? That’s Normal

Jolynn started out just as nervous as anyone else about being on the phones. “It is intimidating at first,” said the customer service representative for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). “And it definitely feels like a lot to take in. But [my trainer] Beth did an amazing job teaching us. Whenever we’d get overwhelmed, she’d say, ‘You know this,’ and honestly, you do. It all starts to make sense after a while.“

Six months later and Jolynn has taken her training far beyond the phones. She regularly assists new employees and hopes to achieve supervisor someday. “I like mentoring, and I would like to be where I can help people learn the process better,” she said. “When they have that ‘moment,’ when things click and they suddenly understand something they’ve been struggling with—that’s the most rewarding.”

Hard Work Gets Recognized

APHW leadership recognized Jolynn’s obvious care for her coworkers’ success and declared her as October Employee of the Month. “It feels amazing,” she said once she got over the surprise of it. “I’m still kind of in shock. But it’s nice to know that what I do is recognized and appreciated on a higher level.”

Get In On the Ground Floor

There are still plenty of job opportunities available at the new call center, and Jolynn wants applicants to know that she’s here to help beyond the training room. “I really do love assisting people and helping them learn the process,” she said. “To be honest, that’s my favorite part!”

For more information about job opportunities at America’s Preferred Home Warranty, contact HR Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at 800.648.5006 ext. 232 or visit

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