APHW is Different, Inside & Out

Brad Gehring - APHW is DifferentBrad Gehring had to hesitate, a few years back, when a member of the home warranty industry asked him to join their team—he’d had some unfortunate experiences in the past. His stance with them today, however, sends a pretty clear message: America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is different.

“I had been out of the home warranty industry for eight or nine months when [APHW Director of Field Sales Training] Steve Pratt first contacted me,” Brad said, adding that he had actually turned down four home warranty company offers in the interim. But, with multiple brokers recommending him to APHW’s recruiter, Brad decided it was worth investigating.

APHW is a Christian company, which is what first caught Brad’s attention. “I know Christianity means different things to different people, but their culture, the way I was interviewed—I just appreciated the way they went about things,” he said, adding that APHW’s family atmosphere cemented his interest as well. “I’m a strong believer in the family unit—As the family goes, so goes the country, and they are also without a doubt the most homeowner and agent-friendly home warranty company in existence.”

Several years later (and now an APHW Area Sales Manager Team Leader), Brad still finds excitement easy to come by. “There’s a lot that I’m excited for, one of the most being APHW’s phenomenal growth,” he said, describing not just their expansion across the country—from 17 states in 2016 to nearly all 50 today—but their company family as well. “I wholeheartedly believe that our best and most important differential is the quality of people who represent APHW,” he said.

“Reputation and integrity are everything, and that is not lacking here. Everyone at APHW has my back, going above and beyond to support me, the agents I work with, and the homeowners. That trust factor is huge.”

APHW continues to grow, and opportunities abound. “I’m thankful and privileged to be here,” Brad said. “Everyone here has such a desire to help everyone else succeed.”

For more information about open positions, contact HR Development Manager Susan Town-Richards at 800.648.5006 ext. 232 or visit us on LinkedIn.