Afraid of ‘Call Center’ Work? Give Us a Chance

America's Preferred Home Warranty Customer Service TrainingSooo… you need a job. You’ve heard good things about America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)—but it’s ‘call center work.’ NOOOOO! Not in this lifetime! Except… you really need a job. Ugh! Fine. You’ll think about it.

Well, while you’re thinking about it, here are some details you may be wondering about.

What’s the training like?

APHW currently offers training in two ways: In person (with proper social distancing protocols) or virtually (through video chat). “It’s a 5-week program,” said Virtual Trainer Katie. “We have a lot to learn, but we cover it in sections, so it’s a step-by-step progression with courses through our Learning Management System, lectures, hands-on activities, partnering, and role-play.”

And you expect perfect automatons, right?

NO. “This is stuff that literally nobody understands until you do it yourself,” Katie said. “Most people don’t come in with prior knowledge of these things, but you’ll get there.”

More importantly, APHW wants you to succeed, and will work with you to ensure that you do. “I know what it feels like to struggle with learning this,” said In-Person Trainer Patty. “So I want to make sure everybody gets the help that they need. To me that’s just hugely important.”

So five weeks and then… thrown to the wolves?

Once again, NO. “Once we’re done with the first 5 weeks of training, instead of just entering the general ‘work from home’ chat that everybody is in, they’ll have direct access to their trainer for one more full week, listening in on calls and helping throughout the process,” Katie said. “Then for the following two weeks, they’ll have a different person doing the same thing.”

So really, it’s 5 weeks of training and an additional 3 weeks of on-phone direct assistance, followed by easy access to supervisors and coworkers at all times for questions, which are both encouraged and appreciated. “Engage, ask questions,” Katie said. “This job takes a long time to learn, and you pretty much learn something new every day. We are constantly evolving and getting better—you’ll get there.”

Ready to give us a chance?

APHW’s customer service team isn’t just any old ‘call center.’ We’re a family here, and we’ll treat you like family. Call us at 800.648.5006 ext. 188 or click here to apply today.

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