Super Easy Home Warranty

Customer Quotes: Super Easy, Super Impressed!

Yes it’s still blazing summer. But have you felt that chill start creeping in after the sun goes down? Last winter we were able to help Valley City, Ohio resident Dawn May with her furnace only weeks after moving into her new home, and she expressed these thoughts on “Wow! I would highly recommend […]

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APHW Makes Home Warranties So Easy

Customer Quotes: “APHW Makes Home Warranties So Easy”

“APHW makes home warranties so easy. I really appreciate being able to use the contractor of my choice, instead of being told who I need to hire. They have made the process easy for the contractors as well, just requiring about 5 minutes of their time, while on site, to explain the quotation before the […]

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Choose Your Own Contractor Averted A Disaster

Two Days? Nope. They Needed Help NOW.

Sewer backup: It’s the kind of thing that you can smell just by thinking about it, never mind having to deal with it INSIDE your actual home. That’s what happened to Lincoln, Nebraska homeowner Randy Riddick—but we’ll let him tell you about it. “We purchased the home and moved in, and we were only here […]

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Thomas & Jessica Kellaway Google Review

Customer Quotes: “They Talk To You Like a Human Being!”

The seller of our home purchased the home warranty and we have used it two times already for unforeseeable issues! … The customer service is always very kind and knowledgeable–they are real people talking to you like a human being! … We are on a strict budget this first year in our new home … […]

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APHW Customer Review: A Different Point of View

A Different Point of View

At 7 p.m. on a Friday night, Dmitri Anaya quickly got America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on the phone and filed a claim for a toilet leak in his Newport, Minnesota home. APHW approved, he paid his deductible, and the plumber fixed the leak. This has been ‘Another Claim Story.’ The end. Okay, obviously there’s […]

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Our Unit Was Fixed the Same Day

Customer Quotes: “Our Unit Was Fixed the Same Day.”

“My HVAC unit would constantly run and wouldn’t heat or cool. I called APHW and they submitted my claim quickly, released payment to our technician, and our unit was fixed the same day. Alicia, the customer service rep I spoke with, was fantastic and I would highly suggest using this company.” Katie Wilson Bowling Green, […]

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Filing a Claim Is a Piece of Cake with APHW

Peace of Mind AND a ‘Piece of Cake!’

Claudine Steinfurth had a pipe leak in her Silver Lake, Ohio home. She had it patched the first time, but when it happened again over a year later, she wanted to get it fixed for good. “I had enough with putting a band-aid on it,” Claudine said. “So I set up a new claim.” The […]

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Tyanne Whitworth Review Quote

Customer Quotes: “It’s Like Talking To A Friend”

America’s [Preferred] Home Warranty has been great to work with. The customer service is excellent and it’s like talking to a friend. I like being able to use my own service provider rather than just having a technician who comes to do warranty work and doesn’t really want to help. Thanks for great service and […]

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