Wish We Could Give More Than 5 Stars

More than 5 Stars ReviewBarry & Nancy Cole were apprehensive about buying their Fenton, Michigan condo early last year. “It was built in 2003, so all of the appliances were at an age when things could start to fail,” Barry said. Their real estate agent helped get an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) contract with the deal, and it has been quite handy in the months since.

“We used the warranty three times within nine months,” Barry said. “In all of these cases it was less than 15 minutes from our first call to APHW until they approved the repair.”

On their first claim, the plumber came later in the evening. “I got somebody from APHW on the phone as soon as he came. It was 7 at night, so it was nice there was somebody there to take a call like that,” Barry said. “The plumber spoke with APHW and got the claim approved within minutes. I called back once the repair was complete, and they paid him directly with a credit card.”

‘Wow’ was the first word that came to Barry’s mind. “This worked smoothly and efficiently. Their person on the phone was courteous, our guy walked out happy he got paid, and we had our problem fixed—it was just seamless,” Barry said. “We were very pleased.”

Barry felt both following times were equally smooth, even when the contractor couldn’t accept payment by credit card. “This time we wrote them a check, and within about a week we got our reimbursement check in the mail,” he said, noting again how efficiently everything was handled.

“I wish we could give more than five stars to APHW,” Barry wrote on HomeWarrantyReviews.com. “This company is doing business right.”