When Negative Reviews Lead to Positive Experiences

Home Warranty, Home Warranties, APHW, Homeowner TestimonialAny company worth its salt will have some negative reviews. But sometimes those negative reviews come in handy—like they did for Fairlawn, Ohio homeowner Megan Henretta.

That’s gonna be an issue…

It was late one winter evening when Megan and her fiancé found their water heater had… well, exploded. “It was 10:30 at night and really stressful,” Megan said. “My fiancé was kind of freaking out, and I was like, ‘Well we have this home warranty, let me pull up some information on it.’”

Their contract with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) had come with the house, and all Megan remembered from closing was that she could choose her own licensed contractor for claims. Never one to do anything uninformed, Megan’s first stop was the review boards. She saw both positive and negative posts, but a few aspects of the negative reviews stuck out to her.

An ongoing theme

“A lot of the complaints were basically saying they didn’t follow the process [with negative results], so it was clearly important that I needed to,” Megan said, adding that the process seemed really easy. “I also appreciated that most of the reviews had direct responses from APHW, so somebody is actually looking at them and trying to make it better. They care about the customer experience.” Megan reviewed her contract before calling as well, to ensure she’d know what to expect. “People tend to think a home warranty will just cover the whole thing, but that’s just not how it works,” she said.

So Megan called APHW, filed a claim, and got a licensed contractor out to the house. She called again with the contractor on site to describe the problem, got her claim approved, and received her reimbursement check only a few days later.

Megan gave APHW a 5-star Google review shortly after her experience. “I’m not a big person for doing reviews, but I really appreciated how everything worked, and how customer service explained everything to me,” she said. “It was just super quick and easy!”


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