We’re Still Covered: Thank God!

Home Warranties, Home Warranty, APHW, America's Preferred Home Warranty, Customer ReviewsYou really only have two choices when the phone rings. One Louisiana homeowner chose to answer—and it saved her hundreds of dollars.

In all the craziness of homebuying, Danette McManus thought they had purchased a 2-year home warranty plan from America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). So when they started reaching out to her after nearly a year, she assumed it was a mistake. “They emailed me, called, left voicemails… but I thought it was just a glitch,” Danette said.

On the way back from a vacation with her husband, APHW called one more time, and this time she picked up. It turned out the couple had only bought one year of coverage: APHW was trying to let her know their contract was about to expire.

“Of course we renewed, and with no lapse in coverage at that. But then you wouldn’t believe what happened,” Danette said. “We got home from that trip on January 11th, and our water heater had gone out. I’m not kidding!”

Danette filed a claim, got a plumber she knew out to the house, and had her water heater replaced that same day. “That was something we really weren’t ready for right after spending money on that vacation,” she said. “And our home warranty covered nearly half the cost!”

Had Danette not answered the phone that day, their coverage would have expired, and they would have had to pay the full price to replace their water heater. “I mean really, the policy paid for the whole year with that one claim,” she said.

Danette had chosen APHW because of her experiences with it as a REALTOR®. “I never sell a contract without an America’s Preferred Home Warranty on it at this point. They have helped out multiple times with clients, and of course with my own home,” she said. “And now I’m really going to encourage my clients to renew on their own—it really does pay for itself.”

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