Two Days? Nope. They Needed Help NOW.

Choose Your Own Contractor Averted A DisasterSewer backup: It’s the kind of thing that you can smell just by thinking about it, never mind having to deal with it INSIDE your actual home. That’s what happened to Lincoln, Nebraska homeowner Randy Riddick—but we’ll let him tell you about it.

“We purchased the home and moved in, and we were only here for about four days when I got up early to take a shower. It was gurgling, and I thought, ‘Well, this isn’t right.’ Then the toilet made the same weird sound. We have a utility room with a washer, dryer, drain, etc., and that’s where I found the main sewer was backing up.”

Knowing they had an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on the home, Randy got his wife up and had her start calling plumbers while he cleaned up and contacted the home warranty company.

“We were getting really worried after about six calls, because every plumbing company was telling us ‘two days.’ I kept telling them it was an emergency, but they just apologized and said they were busy.

“Having that option of contacting our own licensed contractor was a big, big plus in an emergency though. All the other home warranties offered at closing would have assigned their own contractors to come out at their convenience. Once we finally found an individual who could help right away, he was able to get there in about an hour.

“We called APHW back after the plumber arrived, and he explained to customer service that because the house had sat empty for a while, the sewage had no water running through it and crusted up. The rep talked to me again, explained our deductible, and said to just take a picture of the invoice (because we paid him up front) and email it in.

“We received our check within probably five days. I was just like, wow, we got paid already? I mean, some people don’t understand—when you buy a new home and have all this stress, it’s pretty traumatic. We had an emergency, and we were able to call around and get someone out in hours instead of days. APHW really helped us and eased some of our burden when they covered it, even though we’d only been in the home for four days. We were impressed!”

That’s why APHW offers 24/7/365 customer service support and the ability to choose your own licensed contractor—because we know these things matter, especially in a pinch. We’re glad we could be there for you Randy!