They Do What They Say They’ll Do

Pat McGinnis is no stranger to the home warranty industry. As a real estate agent for Douglas & Cannon Real Estate out of Chapin, SC, with over 31 years’ experience, Pat has been on both sides of the coin—recommending one warranty or another to her clients, as well as choosing one for herself. “We’ve used a lot of different warranty companies,” Pat said, and due to a recent experience, she will only be recommending one particular company from now on: America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

When Pat and her husband recently purchased their home, Pat made sure the seller included a home warranty with the listing, “because the house was over 20 years old,” she said. Within a month of moving in, they noticed a leak under one of their sinks.

“Plumbing is not my husband’s forte,” Pat joked, “and I encourage him not to try things like that. I have my favorite plumber out here who I can call almost any time for me or my clients.”

Then Pat remembered their home warranty and went to review it again, to see if her leak might be covered. “I had no inclination that they would replace the faucet, but I read the fine print again, and it said I had some allowance,” she said. She called and filed a claim, and the plumber called APHW back on his cellphone a little bit later, after he had assessed the situation.

“He explained what it was to them, then handed his phone to me with a very, very nice lady,” Pat said. “She asked if I could hold for a minute, and she came back very quickly with an answer.”

APHW was able to assist Pat with a healthy amount of the payment she would need to cover the plumber’s fees and the purchase of a new faucet. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Yes! Go ahead!’,” Pat said, pleased with the help. Beyond that, the customer service representative advised Pat that she could expect her payment to arrive within about a week. Pat held off on reviewing APHW online until it arrived. “I wanted to see if they did what they said they would, and doggone it, they did!” she exclaimed.

Pat’s Google review of APHW was glowing, revealing her experience with prompt, friendly service and an easy claim process. “They’re the only company I will be suggesting to my clients from now on,” Pat said. “And on my other house that we moved out of, which will be listed in the next week or so, I’m going to encourage my husband to go ahead and get a warranty on that too, because it’s so awesome.”