That Feeling When Filing a Claim is… EASY.

Home Warranty, America's Preferred Home Warranty, Easy Claims“There really isn’t much to tell. It was just simple and easy.”

If only all of life were so easy to describe! But that’s exactly how Northfield, Ohio resident Connie Lopez described filing a claim with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Seriously!

We’ll let her tell you:

“We had someone out for our annual furnace maintenance, and the tech told us to shut off the furnace because it had a cracked heat exchanger. I knew we had a home warranty, so I dug it up.

“I called the number and explained what happened. They gave me a claim number and asked me to have my contractor call in with the diagnosis. He called, and they said it was approved. I didn’t even have to make another phone call—once the work was done, I just faxed in a copy of the paid invoice. It was that easy.

“I had the check four days later. That was it!”

Connie also appreciated the ability to choose her own licensed contractor. “Our guy had installed a furnace for us in the house we had before, too,” she said. “Here we were without heat and using space heaters, so he called the person who was supposed to have their furnace maintenance the next day. It wasn’t an emergency, so they rescheduled for me! And they did a super job of it, too.”

Her home warranty came with the house purchase a few months earlier, and Connie is considering renewing it after this experience. “I would absolutely recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty,” she said. “They were just so easy to deal with!”


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