‘So Responsive & So Helpful’

APHW is So Responsive & So HelpfulCarie Brozowski had only lived at her Denver, North Carolina property for about three months when the float pump broke on her septic tank. She quickly filed a claim with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), and then called back as soon as the crew was on site to repair it. “They spoke with the tech, verified what was wrong, and determined what would be covered. It was fantastic!” she said. But there’s much more that Carie wanted to share:

“I used to work in real estate, and that’s why I wanted to give APHW such a great review now that I’m a homeowner. I just wanted to spread the word—if you’re looking for a home warranty, pick this one!

“24/7 customer service, they do immediate approvals over the phone, they don’t take days to get back to you, and then they let you choose your own contractor. This has just been smooth all the way around with APHW.

“The other thing I liked, which I think is excellent, is the fact that APHW is willing to pay the contractor directly. There are contractors I’ve worked with who say they won’t work with home warranties because of the payment process. So, I explain APHW’s process and tell them they can be paid by credit card if they want, and they turn around and say they’re willing to work with me if it’s really that simple; which it is!

“I honestly have never worked with a third party that has been so responsive and so helpful. Just the fact that APHW answers phones around the clock—and each time I’ve called in they’ve all been extremely polite and helpful. It’s just great! And once the work is completed, they pay my contractor and it’s done. It’s that simple!”

Carie plans to renew her APHW contract when the time comes. “You try to be as thorough as possible with home inspections and whatnot, but things happen. We definitely appreciate the fact that APHW is there,” she said.

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