REALTOR® Trusts APHW for Clients

REALTOR Trusts APHW for Clients
Realtor Trusts America’s Preferred Home Warranty

REALTOR® Lawana Whaley hadn’t personally met Arkansas Area Sales Manager (ASM) Eric Moore before she worked with him, but she knew of him: He had been to the office and left his business cards if she ever had need. Her experience with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) and Eric since has been more than enough to know where she wants to place her trust.

When one of her Lake Hamilton Realty clients purchased an APHW home warranty recently, the title company neglected to include it in the closing documents. So when he called APHW to file a claim, APHW said the warranty hadn’t been paid for. “I called Eric directly, because I wanted to know the best way to get it corrected for the client,” Lawana said. “He was very responsive!” she exclaimed.

“He actually called his office to make sure everything could be fixed, and then gave me the name of a lady to call to get the home warranty paid for, who was very helpful,” Lawana said. “They even made sure there would be no lapse of coverage from the date the warranty should have gone into effect. They were both were very pleasant, and I really appreciate that Eric was so responsive to not only taking the call but also getting everything arranged with the client.”

Lawana looked forward to meeting Eric face to face at the Arkansas REALTORS® Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, this week. “It’s nice to put names and faces together, and I really appreciate that APHW ASMs attend these conventions and conferences in person,” she said. “I know they have busy schedules too, and we appreciate their time very much.”

Beyond Eric’s attention to the business she shares with her business partner, REALTOR® Cheryl Morrison, Lawana is greatly appreciative of the speed and convenience that APHW provides them. “I really enjoy the fact that when I call and set up a warranty, I very seldom have to be on hold, and before I even hang up I can look at the computer screen and already have an invoice in front of me,” she said. “I’m not talking to someone out of the country, and it means a lot to talk to someone that is absolutely pleasant and prompt when they answer that phone. If there are any issues, we get it resolved immediately—APHW is awesome about that!”

Lawana also loves that her clients can choose their own licensed contractors for claims. “They appreciate that they don’t have to wait on a company to call and schedule a contractor,” she said. “Plus a lot of my clients already have relationships with particular providers. They’re much more comfortable calling them than they would be with somebody they’ve never met before.” Homeowners have told Lawana that their contractors are pleased with APHW, too. “Several clients have told me that their contractors were very happy they were using this home warranty, because APHW is easy to work with as a service provider,” she said.

While the REALTOR® code prevents Lawana from personally recommending any particular home warranty company, she can factually state this: “I can with a clear conscience state that America’s Preferred Home Warranty is a company many of my clients have used and been very pleased with,” she said.

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