REALTOR® Stakes His Reputation on APHW

REALTOR® Stakes His Reputation on APHWReputation is everything in real estate. REALTORS® put their good name on the line every time they recommend a home service to their clients, particularly when it comes to home warranties. So, when Rick Blackwell put his own behind America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on, it stood out.

“We always highly encourage our sellers to include an APHW home warranty, or our buyers to request one,” said the EXIT Eastern Iowa Real Estate REALTOR®. “The reason we do that is for the wide variety of items that are covered—and the peace of mind it provides for the buyers.”

Personalized Service

Rick also appreciates APHW for their Area Sales Managers, Brad Gehring in particular. “Brad stops by the office regularly, informs us about the products APHW has available, and often posts new information on LinkedIn to keep us up-to-date,” Rick said. “It is such a relief to know our clients have that sort of APHW assistance right there for them as well.”

Several of Rick’s clients have used the service within their first year of homeownership, and their feedback only increases his faith in the company. “One client got into her house and both the washer and dryer went out in only a couple of months,” he said. APHW’s 24/7/365 person-to-person service quickly responded and approved her claim. “That was extra money my client didn’t have to take out of her pocket, much to her relief!”

Clients Above All

In the end, it’s all about his clients’ comfort. “I want to provide APHW’s home warranty to my buyers for their peace of mind,” Rick said. “Just knowing that if something does happen, there is going to be someone there to support them in the process—that’s important to me.”

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