Ohio REALTOR® Puts Integrity First: Recommends APHW

Home Warranty, America's Preferred Home Warranty, Realtor Review“My integrity does not have a price tag on it. When I say a home warranty is the best and most affordable, I actually mean it.”

REALTOR® Jaime Prenatt got to know America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) at a former brokerage. When she moved to her current one, she gave their elected home warranty company a chance—and quickly reversed course. “I went back to APHW because they actually take care of my clients,” she said. “They’re more affordable, they trust the client to hire a contractor who will do a good job, and they’re looking out for my clients’ best interests. I’ve used them ever since.”

Jaime knows first-hand that there’s no telling how well (or badly) the previous owner maintained the home. “There’s no crystal ball when it comes to home inspections,” she said. “Even if your furnace or fridge checks out fine during a home inspection, no one can predict anything. APHW’s home warranty offers a safety net for my clients, so heaven forbid something happens, it’s there.”

Many of Jaime’s clients have appreciated her recommendation of APHW. “I’ve had them come back and say, ‘Thank you! We’re so glad you told us to buy that!’” she said. “I’ve even had buyers purchase the home warranty when the sellers didn’t agree to pay for it: It’s just that assurance, that extra level of protection for them.”

As a REALTOR®, Jaime recommends APHW because she feels it’s important. “I think APHW offers a wonderful product, and it really is what I feel is the best out there,” she said. And the good news has spread: Quite a few of Jaime’s colleagues have made the switch to APHW.

“They’ve come to me asking, ‘Who do you use? I know your clients are always happy and don’t have any issues.’ It makes our jobs easier when we can recommend a product to our clients that’s affordable and gives them some extra protection,” Jaime said. “I just think they’re great!”

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