Next Day Emergency? APHW Is Here

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Customer Reviews, APHW ReviewsIs it still cold in your neighborhood? It certainly was for Ohio homeowner Thadd Chastain when his furnace quit—one day after closing on his home.

“I went to check on the house no more than 24 hours after closing, and it was frigid!” Thadd said. The thermostat read 44 degrees, so he went to check out the furnace and instantly saw it wasn’t running.

“I called my REALTOR®, who reminded me about our America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), saying that they are really responsive and fast when things like this happen,” Thadd said.

More Than Helpful

Right from the beginning, Thadd described, the comforting assurance and security the customer service rep offered really set the tone for his whole experience. “She was very polite and assured me not to worry, that they were there if I needed them,” Thadd said. “My technician came out that day and spent about 45 minutes testing the furnace before telling me it would be a costly repair.”

Thadd called back in to APHW—“I got someone almost instantly!”—so his tech could talk to customer service. “They came back with a quote that meant little to no expense out of pocket for me, which was very good to hear right after purchasing a home,” he said.

After further discussion, Thadd decided to replace the furnace instead. He paid his contractor up front, had the new one installed in only a day or two, and received his reimbursement check about a week later. “Everything went off without a hitch,” he said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this couldn’t have happened any better! It was just a great experience!”

Payment Alternatives Too

Further, the contractor would have accepted payment directly from APHW if Thadd had wanted him to. “He said they don’t typically deal with home warranty companies, but APHW has a pretty good reputation, so he felt comfortable with it,” he said.

“I recommend APHW to anyone and everyone for a little peace of mind and security,” Thadd wrote in a Google review. “It may not happen to you, but if it does, they have you covered!”

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