Customer Receives Same-Day Claim Service

Same Day ServiceWhen water is leaking inside your home, speed is of the essence. Tom Donnelly was indeed quick about contacting America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) and a plumber he trusted, to great effect: His claim, the payment, and his repair were all completed in the same day!

“Before I knew it, it was taken care of,” Tom said, adding in a Google review that APHW’s “professionalism and responsive customer service [was] refreshing.”

Tom Donnelly's FamilyThe Oxford, Michigan native characterized his claim experience as flawless. “There was no waiting days for things to happen, it was just immediate,” Tom said. “And with the ability to call in a reliable plumber that I knew in town—it was the way it needed to be.”

Tom and his family recently renewed their APHW coverage and even increased it to cover their washer and dryer. “It seems to be a reasonable addition to your normal homeowner’s insurance,” he said. “It meant enough to us to get it for a second year.”