Coverage That Fits the Bill

Deciding to renew a service contract can be difficult, especially when it’s based on what ‘could’ happen. For Jody Penton out of Jackson, Mississippi, however, the decision came easily.

Before purchasing his home, Jody requested an upgraded home warranty as part of the deal. He ended up with a 1-year, $50-deductible warranty with the Buyer Preferred Upgrade (purchased by the seller)—and it was a good thing he did.

“We began our renovations and were several months in when the downstairs just wasn’t getting cold anymore,” Jody said. Because the humidity was causing the floors to buckle, the air conditioner became the Pentons’ first priority. “So, we called America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW),” he said, “and it was actually a pleasant experience. In all honesty, other than the fact that the air conditioner broke, everything else was great.”

Jody’s claim experience was enough that when the time came, he and his wife considered renewing their contract. “It was just was a lot simpler than trying to pay several thousand for a new A/C unit,” Jody said.

When he called APHW to discuss renewal, Jody made a point of saying up-front that while he’d fully appreciated having the home warranty, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t buying more policy than he needed. “We stayed on the phone for about 45 minutes or so, and the agent I spoke with was very forthcoming. She went through all the options step by step, and what it would cover.”

The representative then emailed Jody all the details they had discussed, so he could review the plan options with his wife. That detailed email made it an easy decision for both of them.

“When all was said and done, we ended up renewing with the exact same policy,” Jody said. “I wouldn’t have done that if the agent had not been as helpful as she was, or as straightforward.”

“I would recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty to anyone buying a house at this point. I know I’m getting the best deal that I need, and from a company that has proven they stand behind what they’ve sold.”