Contractor Payments Quick & Easy

Contractor Payments Quick and EasyA hot summer in Greenville, North Carolina is difficult enough without having to deal with central air breaking down. Adrina Moore experienced this unfortunate event, but she thankfully had an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) ready and waiting, in case it did.

The first-time homebuyer had never used her home warranty before, so she was uncertain of the outcome. “Sometimes warranties have specific contractors you have to deal with,” Adrina said. It turned out that APHW allows customers to choose their own contractor, however, so she was able to shop around.

After a bit of looking, Adrina’s real estate agent recommended an HVAC company to her. They came out that same day to assess the problem and were able to finish the repair within a couple of days. Once it was complete, the last hurdle to jump was payment.

“[The HVAC company] usually won’t deal with home warranties because, in their experience, it takes a long time to receive the payment after the work is done,” Adrina said. “So, it was my surprise that once the work was done, we called it in and they were like, ‘We can pay right over the phone.’ The whole process was fast and easy, and my contractor was pleased as well,” she said.

Adrina would definitely recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty as a home warranty option for home buyers. “I was very pleased,” she said.