Associate Broker Trusts APHW For Clients

Associate Broker Trusts APHW for Clients“My clients were first time homebuyers, and when we went out looking for homes, she was literally nine months pregnant. She had the baby the night that we put in the offer on the house!”

Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast Associate Broker Miriam Odegard knew this couple had spent most of their savings at closing, so when the furnace started leaking a mere two weeks later—with a newborn in the house, no less—Miriam knew who to call to make sure they were taken care of.

Miriam Odegard“I reached out to Frank Vetter,” Miriam said, referring to the America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) area sales manager who serves Indiana. She had just started using APHW this year because of his personal attention and assistance with home warranty filing and claims. “He’s super friendly and he always remembers my name,” she said. “I really felt fortunate that we had Frank and APHW to help out.”

APHW stood by their warranty, according to Miriam. “The homeowners were afraid they’d have to pay for a new furnace, but America’s Preferred Home Warranty came through and protected these clients,” she said. “We were able to find an HVAC company, they came out and did the repairs, and they were paid right over the phone. It was easy, easy, easy!”

“I’m glad I switched to APHW,” Miriam said. “What a blessing, seriously!”

Miriam also commended how easily she and other real estate agents can order new warranties for clients through APHW’s Real-Pro® app. “I just log in, I order the warranty, and I log out. That’s pretty much it—and knowing I immediately have a confirmation number, an order number and a warranty number that I can pass on to my clients is huge!” she exclaimed. “That way I know if they have questions later, I can pull it up in the file.”