APHW Saves Homeowner from ‘Lemon Nightmare’

APHW Saves Homeowner from Lemon NightmareWhen Erica McMichael invested in a 1920s home, it seemed to be in relatively good condition. “It just had old carpeting and needed a little remodeling,” she said. “Everything looked great on it.” So, she began to update the building—and that’s when the problems started.

“It’s just been one thing after another,” Erica said, the most pressing of which was the old, cast-iron piping throughout the home. “The pipes had all kinds of rust and disintegration from the top, so every time the toilet flushed, they were leaking gas into the basement.”

Erica thought she was going to lose her home. “They were wanting thousands to replace the piping. Then My REALTOR® suggested using the warranty,” she said.

Erica McMichael and her son holding up a SOLD signThe sellers had included an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) with the home in an effort to sell it more quickly. Erica had forgotten it was there, largely because she’d had no intention of getting one herself. “Everybody told me that warranties are junk and don’t cover anything,” she said. But since it was there, she gave APHW a call.

“Filing a claim was super easy!” Erica enthused. “I just called the number and told them what was going on.” APHW’s customer service gave her a claim number and advised her to call back once the plumber had assessed the problem. She did, and her claim was approved. Erica paid the plumber up front and received her reimbursement check ‘very quickly,’ she said.

“This is the first positive experience I’ve ever heard of with a home warranty,” Erica said. “Everybody’s scared of them, and now I’m telling everyone that no, this one is actually good! It actually did something!”

In a Google review, Erica described her home as a ‘lemon nightmare in disguise’ and wrote that without APHW, she “would have been up a creek and in financial ruin.” She is so thankful for it, and now thinks she might renew her home warranty when the time comes. “You just never know what’s going to happen around a house that old,” she said.