APHW is a Company She can Trust

America's Preferred Home Warranty, REALTOR Review, Customer ServiceHomeowners have about a million papers to sign at closing, and adding one more to the pile can feel daunting. That’s why it’s pretty awesome when your REALTOR® knows what to look for—and who to trust.

Time Did Tell

Keller Williams (KW) REALTOR® Kellie Spiece has a longstanding relationship with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). She and her clients have repeatedly experienced APHW’s award-winning customer service, and it shows.

“Great Asset to Home buyers, home sellers and current homeowners!” Kellie wrote on her APHW area sales manager’s Facebook page. “My clients have purchased the home warranties and then had to use them … they had little out-of-pocket expenses and were able to choose their own contractor,” which is imperative to a fast approval process and getting repairs done, Kellie added.

Personalized Service

Another star of the show is that area sales manager she reviewed: Ray Stark. “I met him about a year ago,” Kellie said. “He was very informative, held a couple classes at our KW office, and he’s always there to answer our questions about the advantages of having a home warranty for our buyers and sellers. He’s just always a pleasure to do business with!”

Kellie also loves APHW’s Real-Pro® app for purchasing home warranties for her clients. “I mean, that’s how I input all my warranties!” she said. “In a manner of seconds, I can put in all my information and fill my data form out. Everything is super accessible, and easy to just get everything put in at once.”

There When You Need Them

Lastly, Kellie is also thrilled that APHW stayed open and at full production levels throughout COVID-19 shutdowns. “I just put in two more warranties, and I’m to the point now where it just automatically goes on every single one of my listings as an added benefit to the seller and the buyer,” she said—because America’s Preferred Home Warranty is a company she can trust.

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