APHW Customer Says ‘Quick Fix, Fast Payment, Great Service’


When Jeffersonville, Indiana native Steve Gray bought his home in June, the sellers included an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in the deal. “It was definitely one of the perks,” Steve said, adding that they would have asked for one if it hadn’t been offered. “When you’re buying a new house you just never know what shape some of the appliances are in.”

As it happened, the Grays’ oven failed only three months later, refusing to heat up. Steve tried some basic troubleshooting first—assuming the inner computer was malfunctioning—and even reset the breaker. Then he called around to some local contractors, to see if they might have any suggestions. Finally, he called APHW to file a claim.

“I knew my deductible would be $100, and most of the time the contractors don’t come out for any less than that, so I figured it would be a good time to take advantage of it,” Steve said.

He selected a contractor and was able to coordinate a visit within a couple of days. “At first the contractor seemed a little irritated when we told him we were using a home warranty,” Steve said. “But once we told him I would pay him up front, then get reimbursed, he relaxed. I explained the process to him, somebody answered quickly when we called in, and everybody was polite and very communicative.” There were other payment options as well, including one for APHW to pay the contractor directly by credit card, right over the phone.

Once the call was complete and Steve’s claim was approved, the contractor fixed his oven right then. “It was super easy, not complicated at all, and I got the reimbursement check a lot faster than I thought I would!” he said.

Steve says he’s most definitely renewing his home warranty with APHW when the time comes next year. “As expensive as appliances are to replace, if you can keep the warranty and only have to pay the deduction, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.”