Agent Literally “Proud” to Work with APHW

America's Preferred Home Warranty, REALTOR Literally Proud to Work With APHWHaving pride in your own work is one thing. Having someone proud to work with you—now that’s a compliment! And Ohio REALTOR® Maureen Davis laid out that pride in a public Facebook review for her America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) Area Sales Manager, Jina Legeza.

So Pleased That She Posted

“I have to publicly say how proud I am to be associated with Jina and APHW!!” Maureen wrote. “I had a client in some very difficult circumstances … Jina took her time, got very involved … and ultimately got my client (a single mother of 4) replacement dollars for her A/C, and cemented forever my allegiance to her and this great company!!”

Maureen went on to suggest that real estate agents currently on the fence about APHW should take the leap. “My client is absolutely thrilled, and I am deeply grateful for all of Jina’s work on her behalf,” Maureen said. “Clearly people matter to her—I felt like she cared about me as an agent. That’s what really counts in our business, and I appreciate that very much.”

Appreciation Returned

“For me, it’s always about helping the clients and making a difference,” Jina said. “It matters to work hard and put the time in, and it matters if you work late when you need to, going above and beyond each day for our customers. That’s just what I do! This is my WHY—why I do what I do.”

Added Positives

Outside of Jina’s assistance, Maureen is also quick to compliment APHW’s home warranty services in general. “It’s just been very smooth,” she said. “I think the website is easy to navigate. Plus I can check on my warranties at any time. I’ve had no issues at all, and I highly recommend the company to fellow agents.”

Another homeowner purchased a warranty for their home on the same day of this interview. “I’m so glad to work with a company with that kind of quality people,” Maureen said.

It’s like she wrote in that Facebook review: “You will NOT be disappointed!!”


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