Agent Converted by APHW’s ‘Choose Your Own Contractor’

Agent Converted to Home Warranties by APHWEveryone has a product or service they’re willing to put their name and reputation behind. Yours likely had you from the beginning and never let you down, so you share it with friends and colleagues. But what if it had let you down? Or worse… what if the whole concept of the service had been distorted before you even came across it?

Such is the case with home warranties. Well before Keller Williams Associate Broker & Real Estate Agent Doug Lunenfeld worked with them in Rockville, Maryland, home warranty companies had been working to revive a tenuous, if not outright poor reputation. “I’d heard nightmare stories,” he said. “I even told people home warranties were gimmicks, because you were forced to use their contractor. I just felt [home warranty companies] were in it to minimize exposure instead of doing right by the customer.”

Something changed, though, when Doug came across America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). “What made me consider APHW at first was that a customer could use their own contractor, to feel comfortable they were getting the appropriate analysis of the issue.”

It was APHW’s award-winning customer service and follow-through that made Doug an official convert. “I can get APHW agents on the phone 24/7 if I need to. They don’t argue or dispute contractor assessments, and they’re quick to resolve issues,” he said.

“Any referral in my business has to be top notch—similar to the way I conduct business,” Doug added, saying that it’s absolutely paramount to what he does. “I only do business with people who practice the same kind of service, and APHW customer service is responsive and understanding of customer issues. They do everything possible within the boundaries of the warranty.”

Simply put, Doug said, “My experience with APHW has been excellent.”