A Trusted Friend for Repairs

A Trusted Friend for RepairsHaving friends is awesome. Having friends in the HVAC business when your furnace goes out—Even better. But having a home warranty willing to work with that friend? Now that’s priceless.

Adam Hiatt had just such a situation in his Pendleton, Indiana home. “I had the blower pump motor go out on my furnace, so I reached out to a buddy of mine,” he said.

His buddy was a licensed contractor with his own heating and cooling company, Home Helpers Quality Air, and diagnosed the problem as a favor to Adam. “He said it would be about $650 to fix,” Adam said. “And while I was trying to figure out how to cover it, he said, ‘Well, do you have a home warranty?’”

Adam remembered he had one through America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), and promptly called it in. “It was really easy!” he said. “They were plainly speaking people, they understood the situation, and they even let me use my buddy’s company to do the job, since he was licensed.”

Once APHW approved his claim, Adam had his friend source the part they needed. He returned with the part and fixed Adam’s furnace, and then they called APHW together to process the payment. “It was all done inside of about 45 minutes,” Adam said. “They handled the payment directly through him. I didn’t have to do anything!”

His contractor friend had worked with APHW’s clients before and knew it would be an easy transaction. “He said APHW has always been very easy to work with,” Adam said.

Adam is already considering renewing his contract next November, and he highly recommends APHW to any homeowner, according to his Google review. “It has proven to be valuable already,” he said, adding that the customer service was another important part of it. “I just feel like customer service has been declining overall with a lot of different companies over the last several years, and this experience with APHW was really smooth and pleasant. It was a nice surprise.”


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