A Different Point of View

APHW Customer Review: A Different Point of ViewAt 7 p.m. on a Friday night, Dmitri Anaya quickly got America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on the phone and filed a claim for a toilet leak in his Newport, Minnesota home. APHW approved, he paid his deductible, and the plumber fixed the leak. This has been ‘Another Claim Story.’ The end.

Okay, obviously there’s more to this story, but we wanted you to hear it from Dmitri’s point of view:

“I called at 7 ‘o clock on a Friday night, and there’s someone to answer the phone. I didn’t have to wait for a company-approved contractor to come over and tell me what’s what—I can call my own guy to come and look at it, and fix it right away. Unlike other companies with their own contractors, they don’t have that conflict of interest. Using a third party is the right way to do it, and that’s why APHW should be the number one company.

“The fact that they’re a Christian company makes them an even bigger notch to me. My faith is really strong and a huge part of my life, and I typically find that companies who stand by that will have true, good values. They stand behind what they say they’ll do and actually service their customers. They’re not just there for the money grab.

“Yes, I have seen that many home warranty companies have lower ratings on major review sites—this is a tough business to make people happy in. And this company isn’t like the others. There are bigger companies out there, but I stick with APHW because it’s great, and their deductible is very reasonable—and I’ll keep renewing it year after year.

“The best part of the whole thing is that it can all be done on one smart phone. I can call, take a picture, wait for a reply, and then wait for my check, and they’ve already fixed the problem. It was painless, and I didn’t have to play any games. Keep it up!”

Thank you, Dmitri, we’re glad we could help!