AZ Homeowner Recommends APHW

America's Preferred Home Warranty Customer Reviews - Pam Mudge

Of course we recommend a home warranty—we’re a home warranty company after all! But you’d be surprised how often one is left out of a home purchase, or forgotten entirely. So we were pretty happy when Arizona homeowner Pam Mudge came to us seeking to buy one—and lo and behold, we were able to help […]

Next Day Emergency? APHW Is Here

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Is it still cold in your neighborhood? It certainly was for Ohio homeowner Thadd Chastain when his furnace quit—one day after closing on his home. “I went to check on the house no more than 24 hours after closing, and it was frigid!” Thadd said. The thermostat read 44 degrees, so he went to check […]

Emergencies happen. APHW is here.

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“Fast and easy response, approved in just a few hours after calling, and I called late in the day. A must-have for any new homeowner.” This Google review by Ohio homeowner John Burwick certainly sets the stage, but there was more to the story. A Cold Night… “It was the first really cold day of […]

That Feeling When Filing a Claim is… EASY.

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“There really isn’t much to tell. It was just simple and easy.” If only all of life were so easy to describe! But that’s exactly how Northfield, Ohio resident Connie Lopez described filing a claim with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Seriously! We’ll let her tell you: “We had someone out for our annual furnace […]

Response Time Matters!

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“They just have really great communication!” Maria Cranston (pictured) is both a homeowner and a Senior Mortgage Processor in the greater Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. Her home purchase included an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), which provided such an experience that she now recommends it to her clients. “I got the contractor out to the […]

Customer Quotes: No Hassle Whatsoever!

Christopher Adams Google Review

A home warranty should make your life easier, not harder. #EasyClaims #NoHassle #24/7/365Service #CallToday Was this review helpful? Let us know on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram!

A Quick Point Goes a Long Way

Contractor Surprised APHW Can Pay Immediately

Contractors tend to avoid home warranty companies; some have a reputation for being difficult to work with. “Honestly the last few times I’ve had to go find contractors that I know and trust, the first thing out of their mouths is, ‘We don’t work with home warranty companies,’” said Arkansas resident Terry Ford. So why […]

Customer Quotes: Check Mailed In 3 Days!

Tara Young Straight Review

I had a great experience! I called APHW to file a claim. The customer service rep was very helpful, and a check was mailed to me 3 days after filing the claim. Great company! Great customer service! Tara Young Ypsilanti, Michigan Review

Customer Quotes: “Got to Call My Own A/C Guy, Who I Trusted.”

Got to Call My Own A/C Guy, Who I Trusted

“Had an issue with my A/C. Setting up the claims process was easy. Got to call my own A/C guy, who I trusted. He diagnosed the issue. I spent about 10 – 15 on the phone with APHW getting the claim approved. Check was in the mail the next day. Great service and easy to […]