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Why you should hire a licensed contractor, and how it helps with claims

There are some things you just shouldn’t cut corners on—hiring a licensed and bonded professional for home system or applia

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Service and Simplicity Attract Contractor to APHW

It’s one thing when a contractor is willing to work through a home warranty. It’s quite another when that contractor has literally worked on the warranty’s headquarter building! It speaks volumes to… Read More

It Came with the House—Will It Actually Help?

A leak is bad enough when it’s close to the floor, but Portsmouth, Ohio native Paula Cooney’s leak was much higher. “We noticed the water,” Paula remembered, adding that they discovered its source… Read More

Choice is Where It's At

When you think about real estate agents, you tend to think of them as business entities, far above and beyond simple things like a leaky pipe. But Cardinal Realty Group LLC Realtor Janie Baylis out… Read More

They Do What They Say They'll Do

Pat McGinnis (pictured) is no stranger to the home warranty industry. As a Broker/REALTOR® with over 33 years’ experience, Pat has both recommended them to her customers & chosen them for herself… Read More

Customer Review: No Pain, All Gain

A chilly Monday in March isn’t a bad thing… unless your furnace starts making unusual noises. Kayla Purvis of Delaware, Ohio, worried about a high-pitched squealing noise it was making for about a… Read More

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