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What Does an APHW CSR Do? We Care


Anyone can take a phone call and enter data into a computer. But America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customer service representatives (CSRs) are different, according to APHW CSR Supervisor Patty. “We aim to be heroes for our homeowners and REALTORS®,” she said. “We care — and that’s what we’re best at.”

From the Root

It all starts with the family-style atmosphere, which is visibly apparent throughout the home warranty company. “We have absolute support from all around,” Patty said. “Normally you might be intimidated to go speak to the president or VP of a company, but that’s not the way here. They welcome you, and they want to help you be the best you can be.”

This support extends sideways as well. “I can ask other CSRs, a supervisor—we’re really just like a family,” said CSR Nelson, who previously worked at a restaurant claiming the same, but with no follow-through. “Nobody really cared about anybody there,” he said. “At APHW it’s totally different. When I was brand new, Unique sat nearby and asked every day how it’s going, and how my wife is doing down in Cuba. You just feel it here.”

“The camaraderie amongst CSRs and everybody in the company here is crazy,” Patty said. “We all help each other to be better, because we care.”

Direct to You

That mentality directly translates to what APHW customers experience on the phones. “I never feel alone on a call. I always have team members to help me,” said Customer Service Support Team Member LaShonda. “And this isn’t a job where you could ever just get your daily agenda and go work alone—there are questions every day. My team is here to help, and it feels really good to let our customers know they don’t have to worry about a repair themselves, because we’re here to help them, too.”

“We get a lot of very positive feedback from our homeowners and the technicians speaking to us,” Patty said. “And we’re very proud of that.”

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