How to Winterize Your HVAC A/C Unit

Winterize Your ACMost of the northern states are already covered in snow, but we’re expecting a warm-up to melt it all away by next week. Take advantage of that melt-off and winterize your HVAC air conditioner, if you haven’t already.

Why winterize it?

Simply put, preparing your unit for winter can save you money in repairs.

It will:
  • Prevent debris from getting caught inside (creating jams)
  • Prevent small woodland creatures from nesting inside
  • Prevent the unit from starting up on a warmer winter day
    • (Allow melting ice and snow to melt and drip inside the unit, refreezing and causing damage)
  • Protect your piping

Want to know how?

Visit “Time to Winterize Your Central Air Conditioner”* for a step by step checklist.

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