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Home Warranty for Agents/Brokers

Why America’s Preferred?

Homeowners gain peace of mind with America’s Preferred Home Warranty.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) offers high-quality home warranties for real estate agents to help speed up the sale. Extra property protections for any real estate transaction is attractive for potential buyers. APHW gives individuals the freedom to choose their own contractor for repairs. Control of the service experience results in faster service, greater choice, and flexibility – excellent considerations for sellers to persuade potential buyers to seal the deal.

If you choose to list your property with us, you will receive complimentary coverage. Statistics have demonstrated that a warranted house sells up to 50% faster than properties without such features. Offering a dependable property protection can improve the value of your listings. Warranties have been known to increase sale prices by an average of 3%. The benefits to home buyers include:

  • Managing risks of major repairs
  • Avoiding great financial loss
  • Dealing with the stresses of ownership

As a real estate agent, using America’ Preferred Home Warranty home warranty in your sale decreases your liability as a seller. For example, if the buyer experiences a system or appliance breakdown after moving in, the protection feature is there to pay towards repair or replacement when that system failure is the result of normal wear and tear. Instead of the previous owner or the realtor, America’s Preferred Home Warranty gets the phone call and we are there to help 24/7/365. This added security allows you to gain peace of mind, and frees you to focus on more profitable business matters. Call us today to find out more information or to view a copy of our terms and conditions in our protection plan.

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