Home Warranty Coverage

With the helpful team at America’s Preferred Home Warranty, you have access to a variety of types of home warranty coverage to meet your needs. You need a home warranty agreement that fits your property, so that you are only paying for the proper level of coverage. We are the only major home warranty company that allows you to choose your own contractor for covered repairs. Knowing what type coverage works for your situation is the first step. Our plans include the following options.

Condo Warranty

This type of plan works with the existing support structure you have access to as a member of a condo association. Usually external repair work is handled by fees collected with your rent. Your home warranty coverage should focus on things like appliances, lighting and electrical systems.

Townhouse Warranty

This type of property often relies on the structural integrity of the adjacent buildings, and has less exposed exterior surface. Your coverage should focus on internal components like major appliances, electrical systems, and lighting.

New Construction Warranty

Each new building has its own set of challenges and dangers, so it can be challenging to know exactly which kind of warranty to get. A complete supreme home warranty coverage agreement is often the best option because it can easily pay for many appliances or systems that fail under conditions of normal wear and tear.

Single-Family Home Warranty

Your residence provides an essential level of support to your family, so it is important to protect its well being for the future. Get the peace of mind you need by protecting all of your major appliances and important systems.

Multi-Family Units Warranty

You can obtain coverage even when you live in a multi-family unit. These properties often share common systems and coverage may be limited to those items that are not shared. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your home warranty agreement.

For any of these types of home warranty coverage, you can rely on America’s Preferred Home Warranty. If you are in need of coverage or have any questions about a policy, please contact us today.

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