Handling the Holidays: Part II of III

Holidays Checklist Pt II of IIIYou’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and hopefully gotten a head start on the rest of the year! Here are a few more checklist items for you, to keep you on track.

Dec. 1 – 8

  • Gifts En Masse – You’ve got neighbors, coworkers, associates… so many people, so little money. This is where buying gifts in bulk, like holiday cookies or boxes of candles, can come in really handy! It shows you’re thinking of them, without breaking the bank. Throw a bow on top, and you’ve even saved yourself some extensive wrapping!
  • Menu Planning – This helps to organize what you have vs. what you need to get, as well as what can be cooked the night before vs. what needs to be made that day. Did you know most potato dishes can be made a day early?
  • Review Your Décor – Every year there’s something broken or missing hooks to go buy. Save yourself some grief and look through your decorations now, so when the time comes to put them up, you’re ready and don’t have a last-minute trip to make in the blinding snowstorm that inevitably happens.

Dec. 9 – 15

  • Clean (part of your) House – You’ve got a lot of house if you’re throwing a party, so you might as well break down the cleaning schedule into manageable tasks. Clean the less-used rooms in this go-around, such as guest rooms, to get started.
  • Distribute the Décor – Did you know that live greenery lasts longer outside than in? You can put it up earlier and it will still look beautiful at your holiday party. Don’t forget to doublecheck your electrical connections for safety! Go ahead and do your indoor decorations too, though you may want to put any indoor live greenery out closer to your event.
  • Finish Your Philanthropy – AKA, finish up your gift shopping and get the rest of those presents wrapped. You have enough to do with food and place settings the day of your event without having to worry about last minute wrapping, which just makes another mess to clean up. This also allows you to ship gifts early enough to arrive for Christmas, if you’re shipping them out.
  • Create a Playlist – Whether your event is a block party or a quiet holiday dinner with family, set the mood with the perfect playlist, so you can have it keyed up and ready to go the day of.

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