Handling the Holidays: Part I of III

Holidays Checklist Part IThe holidays are crazy. Whether you’re shopping for a family of fifteen or preparing meals for the block, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of what-all needs to get done. So, what can you do about it? Organize!

We know, writing everything down to ‘check off’ is a chore you don’t exactly want to add to your list of things to do. So, here’s a pre-assembled list for you. Enjoy!

Nov. 18 – 24

  • Thanks-Getting – This week is largely focused on preparation for Thanksgiving, so your first task is to organize what foods you plan to prepare, create a shopping list, and get those foods.
  • Keep the Kids Happy – If you have ever had children attending your dinner before, you know they don’t typically sit quietly and eat the entire time the adults are chatting away. Organize an activity or two for when they ‘finish’ that can keep them occupied (at least until they come back for seconds).
  • Food Prep – Set up any foods that can be pre-made the day/night before, and organize your cooking schedule the day of to alternate between things that will take up space in/on your range and things that don’t require one, such as the salad or cranberry sauce.
  • Ask for Help – If folks start showing up early, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance! There is no rulebook anywhere that says you have to do it all yourself, so save yourself the stress of trying to prepare a meal and be a host at the same time, and just ask them to help out in the kitchen. They’ll probably be more than happy to oblige!

Nov. 25 – 30

  • Holiday Greeting Cards – Get cards and stamps (or even e-cards) out of the way early, to avoid a last-minute “Oops, I forgot Grandma!” situation. Write down a list of your family and friends so you don’t forget anyone.
  • Start Gift Shopping – Seriously, the earlier you start, the less stressful it is, and it helps you avoid an all-nighter. To save time and frustration, write down who you are buying presents for, and a specific list of items. This will also help you prevent overspending on impulse gifts. Shopping for an hour or so after work on weekdays/nights will get you in when the stores aren’t as crowded, too.

Check back soon for Parts II and III, and for other holiday ideas, check out our Pinterest page!