SURPRISE! APHW July Employee of the Month

July 2019 Employee of the MonthNot really one for the spotlight, Jennifer was caught by surprise when America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) named her July 2019 Employee of the Month. “I wasn’t even here that day,” she said. “I was getting congratulated and I hadn’t even seen the email announcing it to everyone!”

Only hired this past February, Jennifer’s commitment to her job won her the nomination. She went above and beyond after losing a member of the Accounting Department, to ensure the workload would be met. She worked overtime and took on any task she was given both in training and in assisting others with their work.

“You have your job to do, and you strive to get it done within the deadline, but you know that if you have an issue, somebody’s there to help,” Jennifer said of her team in Accounts Receivable.

That team is part of the reason she excels now at APHW. A friend in Accounting had asked her several times to apply in the past, but Jennifer’s family schedule prevented her from jumping right on board. Now that she’s made the leap, she wishes she had done so sooner—the APHW family has become much more than just a job. “The camaraderie is better here; it’s more of a team environment,” Jennifer said, adding that the leadership is very encouraging as well. “They try to do everything to make sure you can do your job, and to show their concern for you,” she said.

Jennifer’s nomination made her feel appreciated, if a little embarrassed. She plans to continue striving to do her best. “Now that I know the company better, I’m trying to level up,” she said. It seems she’s well on her way!